Talent Show

Pana Tri-County Fair Talent Show Rules
Coincides with the Talent Show Rules for The Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs State Competition
Please Thoroughly Read and Understand All Rules

*Please pay special attention to rules 4,10,& 14*

1. All eligible contestants participating must be an Illinois resident and/or attend a school in Illinois.
2. Winning acts of the Jr. and Sr. divisions must represent the Pana Tri-Co Fair at the state talent show competition. There will only be One act for the Jr. Division and One act for the Sr. Division entered in the state competition per year. The state competition will be in Springfield, Illinois in January 2017.
3. Pana Tri-Co Fair has added a third division an Open division(this division is not eligible to go to the state competition).
4. Any act that performs over the 4 minute time limit will be disqualified.
5.Age limits for each division:
A. Jr. Division: All contestants can be 14 years old or younger on the date of the local competition.
Jr. Division contestants can be 15 years old when competing at the State Competition in January 2017.
B. Sr. Division: Contestants cannot be over 21 years of age on the date of the local competition.
Sr. Division contestants can be 22 years old when competing at the State Competition in January 2017
C. Any Junior. Division winner (winners) at the State contest cannot return to the State level Jr. Division again. A previous Jr. Division winner (winners) can compete at the State Contest in the Sr. Division, providing that all members of the act are over 14 years of age and under 22 years of age.
D. No Sr. Division winner (winners) can return to the State Contest as participants.
6. Entry fee of $5.00 must be turned in to the Pana Tri-Co Fair office by 8:00pm on Monday August 25th, 2016.
Checks can be made payable to Pana Tri-Co Fair. Mailing address Pana Tri-Co Fair P.O. Box 441 Pana, Il 62557.
7. Floor mics and sound system will be the only equipment supplied.
8. The panel of Judges’ decision will be final.
9. There will be a timed set up limit of 3 minutes.
10. When using a cassette taped accompaniment, no like talent is allowed on the recording, i.e., vocal, tap, dancing, any like instrument ect. This will be carefully monitored.
11. Please notice: Pana Tri-Co Fair will send the Jr. and Sr. Division winners to the State Talent Show with paid entry fees. The winning contestants must furnish all other expenses. The Illinois Talent Show Competition will take place in January of 2016. The Jr. Division will be held in the afternoon and the Sr, Division will be in the evening.
12. The Judge’s scoring will be as follows: Costume 10%, Audience appeal 10%, Stage presentation 30%,
Ability 50%.
13. The Pana Tri-Co Fair depicts the Talent Show as a family friendly event and will not allow drugs, alcohol, obscene language, or heckling.
14. The undersigned give permission and understand that their picture may be taken and/or filmed on video. The video would be used for future talent committees to review for show improvements and/or may be used for advertising purposes.
15.Parents and adults will not hold Pana Tri-Co Fair Association, Talent Show Committee, or the Talent show Director responsible. If this is a group application, all members of the group must have a legal parent/guardian sign. Without all signatures, the enty will not be accepted.