Talent Show


Talent Contest Rules for Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs State Competition

January 18, 2020

(Professional entertainers are not eligible as defined in rule #1)



  1. A professional entertainer is someone who has a lot of experience or skill in a particular job or activity. For this contest you may not participate if you have been paid fees for performing in your area of talent. Example: A dancer who has been paid may enter as a singer. The dancer may not enter as a dance contestant.

Engaged in a specified activity as one’s paid occupation rather than as a pastime.

  1. The entry or act can only represent one county fair. Each fair may enter only one Junior and one Senior act per year. Entry must represent the county in which they won an actual talent competition in 2019. Runner up act can represent if winner cannot compete.
  2. Any act that performs over the 4-minute time limit will be disqualified. Contestant is not to give an introduction to their act. The MC will announce the County or Fair they represent and the act begins.
  3. Age limits each division:
    1. Junior Division: All contestants can be 14 years old or younger on the day and date of the local contest. Junior division contestants can be 15 years old when competing at the State Level in January, if they met the age requirements at their local contest.
    2. Senior Division: Contestants cannot be over 21 years of age on the day and date of their local contest. Senior division contestants can be 22 years old when competing at the State Level in January, if they met the age requirements at their local contest.
  1. A piano and floor mikes are the only equipment furnished. Floor mats and lavaliere mikes will need to be furnished by the contestants.
  2. The panel of judges’ decisions will be final.
  3. There will be a setup time limit of 3 minutes per act. This will be controlled and timed if necessary.
  4. To lessen sound prop confusion. When using a CD taped accompaniment, only the song the contestant is using shall be on the CD. No like talent is allowed on the recording. ie. vocal, tap dancing, any like instrument, etc. This will be carefully monitored.
  1. Entries and fees must be received by October 1, 2019. Late entries are not recommended. An entry fee of $75 per division entry is due with the application by October 1, 2019. Checks are payable to the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs. (IAAF). One check that includes both divisions is acceptable and preferred.
  2. In December Fair Talent Directors or Participants will be sent or emailed information needed for the January 19th The Junior Contest will be held in the afternoon and the Senior contest will be in the evening.
  1. All guests age 10 and over must purchase a badge at the door. ($15). Actual talent contestants will receive complimentary badges.